What we do

  • Use of the pharma mall web shop

    Depending on the customer group, different web shop modules can be used. In addition to the ordering process, this also includes the entry of returns and stock value losses, availability requests and e-invoicing.

  • Ordering pharmaceuticals

    Depending on the customer group, pharma mall offers the opportunity of ordering pharmaceuticals and medical products via a web shop.

  • Returns and Stock Value Loss Registration

    Users registered with pharma mall can easily enter a stock value loss or a return: Simply log in and enter the corresponding data in a guided process. This procedure makes it easier for the pharmaceutical company to process the credit note for the customer and speeds up the process.

  • Order of medical samples and advertising material

    Sales representatives can order medical samples via the web shop. The inconvenient ordering process using Excel lists or emails is thus a thing of the past and is replaced by a traceable and controlled delivery method.

    Orders for promotion material are usually internal orders placed with the pharmaceutical company by the sales representative. Usually, they are made by phone and are processed manually, which is a time-consuming process. Valuable time that can be used more efficiently for customer orientation.

    Your sales representative enters his customers’ orders in a special web shop. Analogous to the orders for pharmaceuticals, you receive the order for promotion material as a valid electronic transaction in your ERP system.

  • Online article availability check

    pharma mall offers web shop users the possibility to inquire about the current availability of articles available for ordering online. To do so, you only need the central pharmaceutical number (NDC) of the article. Simply log in with your access data and the availability can be checked directly.

  • Pharmaceutical call centre

    Another service is our pharmaceutical call centre. In this way, pharma mall offers its customers the necessary pharmaceutical know-how. In the first level support, customers can pose questions about products, product availability, pack sizes, prices, etc. and receive competent and prompt answers. More detailed questions are immediately forwarded to the manufacturers, to avoid the necessity of a separate enquiry for the customer.

  • Pharmacy database

    According to the directive, the pharmacy operating licence must be presented with every order and must be validated regularly. pharma mall simplifies this process by providing manufacturers with secured access to the current pharmacy operating licence database of all pharmacies registered with us.

    This has two positive effects at the same time: Manual processes on the manufacturers’ side are no longer necessary and pharmacies are no longer asked by all manufacturers to submit their operating license.

  • Handling of order documents

    pharma mall uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to digitise fax orders and transfer them to the manufacturer to be booked in the ERP system. Before transmission, the orders are checked by trained staff according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • E-invoices with signature

    pharma mall sends electronic invoices (e-invoices) as a .pdf file. They are available for download in a web portal. The invoices are provided with a signature key to meet all security requirements. The use of electronic invoices increases process efficiency and avoids unnecessary postage costs.

  • Connection of manufacturers

    Through IT consulting test management and continuous system support throughout the entire process, pharma mall allows for a smooth connection to the ERP-system and through customised IT consulting, it saves using the IT resources of our partners.

  • Connection of clinics and pharmacies supplying hospitals

    Analogue to the manufacturers, pharma mall implements the respective interfaces to the systems of hospitals and pharmacies supplying hospitals. In doing so, customer resources are saved, and the maximum possible IT security is guaranteed. In addition to the leading systems from SAP, Aescudata and Agfa Healthcare, all other ERP systems can also be connected.

  • Software development and IT services

    pharma mall has its own in-house development department, which takes care of all IT requirements, in order to be able to react flexibly and quickly to customer requirements. It develops flexible, innovative solutions for mapping all transactions and ensures complete electronic integration of the systems. We also offer intelligent, electronic solutions to manage the current pharmacy operating licences. Just contact us!

    MSV3 connection pharma mall uses all common exchange formats and communication channels for orders and other messages. The standard for the order transmission from public pharmacies and supply pharmacies is the MSV3 interface using a web service.

    Infrastructure To ensure the availability of IT services, pharma mall operates a mirrored IT infrastructure which is always up-to-date. For this purpose, we use two data centres, located more than 30 km apart. The data centres are connected to each other via separate data lines in a fail-safe manner. Here, all data is stored in real time to ensure that it remains available even in the event of a total failure of a data centre.

    Corporate Network (PM-CN) For secure data transmission between our customers and the pharma mall data centres we use a dedicated, closed communications network with guaranteed bandwidths and availability.

    Application hosting Our customers have the opportunity to run applications and services via the infrastructure of pharma mall. Strict data separation, dedicated access options and guaranteed service levels are a standard for us and only represent a small part of the additional services.

  • Electronic order transfer

    As soon as the ordering system has been implemented with the partners, orders in the material management system are transferred fully electronically to pharma mall. After the automatic data clearing, they are booked as an order including the manufacturer’s item numbers, designations and, if necessary - including the mapping of special features - in the manufacturer’s ERP system. The return transfer of electronic delivery notes and invoices is carried out in the same way.

Our partners

Quality & Safety

  • Structured and sustainable processes

    Stable quality, a high degree of innovation and the permanent adaptation of our products to market requirements are essential components of our success. For us, quality means identifying, analysing and finally fulfilling the requirements of our customers - in harmony with a high level of information security, technical progress as well as development and market trends.

  • Continuous improvement

    For us, acting with quality consciousness means using valuable resources efficiently and sparingly. Every employee has the right and duty to question processes, services and the creation of products in order to continuously and sustainably improve quality. This can only be guaranteed if errors are avoided and sources of error are localized and eliminated as quickly as possible.

  • Great customer satisfaction

    The quality awareness of our employees is a prerequisite for the satisfaction of our customers and thus for the lasting success of our company.

  • Protection of data and information

    Information processing plays a key role in fulfilling our tasks. As our core competence lies in the provision of communication services to optimize cross-company business processes - especially in the areas of e-commerce and customer service as well as in the development of innovative products, provision, monitoring and finally the operation of complex IT infrastructures and applications - the protection of data and information is of existential importance to us.

  • Safety measures

    In order to achieve the security objectives in a way that is also economically reasonable, it is essential to know the protection requirements of the information and to take the appropriate security measures for the relevant risks. All information is analysed and classified by pharma mall with regard to its need for protection. The classification reflects the requirements with regard to the basic values and serves, within the framework of quality and information security management, to prevent errors and increase technical reliability.

  • Commitment to information security

    We, pharma mall, take information security to be an obligation, a fundamental attitude and a process of continuous improvement. The certification according to ISO/IEC 27001 provides a significant orientation and is the proof of our aspiration.


  • „pharma mall is an important strategic partner for Bayer Vital Deutschland GmbH... and it plays a key role in establishing standards for electronic ordering, order transmission and reducing costs."
    Ralph Willinski, Head - Customer Service Center, Bayer Vital GmbH

  • „Die Implementierung des Projektes war für uns der Eintritt in die Digitalisierung der Bestellanforderung und von daher von strategischer Wichtigkeit. Ohne die Erfahrung, die Leidenschaft und Beharrlichkeit des pharma mall - Projektleiters – auch gegenüber Ipsen internen Projektmitarbeitern – wären die Termin- und Kostentreue deutlich schwieriger gewesen.“
    André Doll, CFO Region DACH Finance & Administration Ipsen Pharma GmbH

  • „With pharma mall we can realize electronic orders for major suppliers of our hospital pharmacy. An even greater advantage is the retransmission of electronic delivery notes and invoices, which is practical and time-saving for a smooth posting of these documents."
    Maice Lückhoff, Apotheke Theresienkrankenhaus and St. Hedwig-Klinik GmbH Mannheim

Who we are

pharma mall
pharma mall - Hersteller pharma mall – your e-commerce expert for pharmaceutical industry.

pharma mall was founded in 2002 as a joint venture between leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. It is our goal to optimise and automate the transaction processes between the manufacturer and the customer. Our core competency is to harmonise the transaction process through state-of-the-art technologies and qualified staff who support you actively in the execution of your transactions. Our partners benefit from fast communication with each other, low complaint rates and reduced ordering costs. Today, more than 17.000 pharmacies, numerous hospitals, practices as well as all the renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers already trust our e-commerce solutions. When may we welcome you?

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